Our Partners

Our platform is used by leading consultancies to help them gain deep organisational insights and make high-value recommendations to their clients. Our partners scope and deploy Culture Workbench and deliver high-value projects to improve organisational performance.

If you offer a complimentary service or product, let’s chat. We strategically partner with select companies to augment our platform, customer experience and delivery.

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Who we partner with

We have a growing ecosystem of leading consultancies and ISV partners. We work with world-class teams and technology companies.


Our growing list of consultancy partners specialise in a number of critical areas of expertise ranging from organisational culture change to group-wide digital transformation. Our partners are recognised as being best-in-class.

  • High-performance organisational culture
  • Digital transformation
  • Designing a culture of innovation
  • Organisational development
  • Leadership development

We are looking to grow our ecosystem of world-class partners, if you are interested in becoming a Temporall Consulting Partner please get in touch!

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Our technology partners support and enable the integration of Culture Workbench and their own technology into Enterprise wide systems and existing productivity tools to better meet the needs of our mutual customers.

  • Communication systems
  • Collaboration systems
  • HR / Financial systems
  • Project management / execution systems
  • Learning-management applications
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Consulting Partners

We’re pleased to be partnering with the following best-in-class consultancy leaders.

Culture Consultancy

United Kingdom

As experts in organisational culture change, people engagement and leadership development we have been delivering measurable performance improvements for clients for over 10 years. Through in-depth assessment and design we implement business culture change that creates alignment internally throughout an organisation.



Every organization has its own complex ecosystem. To boost shared intelligence and channel team energy, companies must build on their DNA and on the strengths that make them unique. For over 15 years, Balthazar has been helping clients embrace change in constantly evolving markets.The result? Lasting excellence.

Unsure which partnership will be best for you?

Contact us and we will gladly assist with information & advice
to ensure you to make the right choice for your organisation.

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